Leadership Ministries

Associate Ministers

Rev. Alfonzo Bush
Minister Chad McKendrick
Minister Chris Coleman
Minister Julice Miller
Minister Calvin Young

Minister Johnnie Greene
Minister Kendrick Moore
Minister Larry Hopkins
Minister James Bush
Minister Courtney Jones

Rev. Jerrold Smith
Minister Michael Purcell
Rev. Frank Woodard
Rev. Willie Wilson
Minister Neal Jones


Deacon Chairman Emeritus, Ernest Williams (Zethel)
Deacon Chairman, Lorenzo Hayward (Colleen)
Assistant Deacon Chairman, Frank Baker (Katrina)
Deacon Julius Amos (Clara)
Deacon John Blue (Artisher)
Deacon Luther Boudoin (Joyce)
Deacon Nathan Carrington (Pat)
Deacon Brian Clark (Dottie)
Deacon Joe Cleveland (Evelyn)
Deacon Angelo Davis (Frances)
Deacon Greg Dawson (Ella)
Deacon Henry (Hank) Dean (Jackie)
Deacon William Dunlap (Loria)
Deacon Leroy Filmore Sr.
Deacon Kenneth Smith (Penney)
Deacon Steven Goodwin
Deacon Marlon Hill (Inga)

Deacon Eddie Jenkins (Sharon)
Deacon Glenn Johnson (Loretta)
Deacon James Johnson (Ruby)
Deacon Rodney Johnson (Stephanie)
Deacon Andrew Knowles (Patrice)
Deacon Fred Lawson, Sr. (Cora)
Deacon Jan Lofton
Deacon Milton McKinney (Shelley)
Deacon Antwan Nelson (Ronalda)
Deacon Larry Newton (Gail)
Deacon Andre Owens
Deacon William Pittman (Laura)
Deacon Leonard Pope (Charlotte)
Deacon Darreyl Railey
Deacon James Robinson (Annette)
Deacon LaRhann Rogers (Kimberly)
Deacon Frank Sanders (Mary)

Deacon Nathaniel Sanders (Carolean)
Deacon Tim Shuler (Kathy)
Deacon Ulysses Stokes (Johnnie)
Deacon Andrew Tarver (Pamela)
Deacon Maurice Thomas
Deacon Rodney Thomas (Jami)
Deacon Samuel Tyson (Veronica)
Deacon Cleophas White (Dorothy)
Deacon William Smith
Deacon Lavon Williams (Tonja)
Deacon Ronald Wilson (Veronica)
Deacon Robert Wood (Rosalind)
Deaconess Rachel Johnson
Deaconess Patricia Malone
Deaconess Melva Sutton
Deaconess Dorothy Smith
Deaconess Rohmell (Ann) Vereen
Deaconess Sheryl Goodwin

Board of Trustees

Our mission is to oversee and provide for the care and custody of the property of Macedonia Missionary Baptist church of Eatonville, Florida and has charge of the financial affairs of the church.
Jacqueline Torbert, Chairman
Al Little
Hellen Dennis
Marc Hutchinson
Byron Brooks
Eddis Dexter
Larry Stephens
Robin Cuffie-Johnson
Almeda Alexander