The Adult Performing Arts Ministry believes that drama is one of the most powerful communication tools God created. We present Christian theater in its purest form. We are not speaking of entertainment here. We are referring to movement, thought, dialogue, sound, light, response, all geared toward leading an individual into the presence of God where he or she can genuinely Worship and Glorify Him. We delight in bringing biblical and current life changing events to the stage and to the hearts of the people – for the Glory of God!
Ministry Leader – Jami Thomas

Christian Education Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Christian Education Board @ MMBC is to teach, nurture, guide, equip, empower and exhort adults, youth, and children so that each of them may respond with desire, loyalty and commitment to render their service and gifts to God in achieving the church’s mission.

To provide support and instructions in becoming a participant in the Family of Faith through spiritual development as we promote a sense of stewardship that encourages the use of time, talents, and treasures to serve God and others.

To provide avenues for ministry leaders to acquire resources (books, multi-media instruments, assistive technology devices, approved curriculums, t